Tuesday, 11 January 2011

BIG mini-me's

Well my mini-me's are not so mini anymore. They are 8 months old now. Top Dinner Lady still misses me though. I really need to train them to sit on her lap, I used to make a bee-line for her lap but they are too busy chasing leaves and having bundles to sit on her lap.

This photo was taken on the day that Top Dinner Lady finally unlocked the cat flap. After weeks and weeks of being locked in, they weren't entirely sure what to do ! Now they love it ! Bounding in and out whenever they feel like it. =^..^=

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Mini Mes

Ai got so sad looking down and seeing Top Dinner Lady being so sad that ai sent her three mini mes. Ai got the two small purrrsons to cajole her reluctantly into "just going to look at them" and then ai made sure she came back with them. Ai keep hearing her talking to them about me. Now ai iz pleased - that will stop her sniffling and ai can go play with my little bruv Calvie Kitbag now =^..^=

Sunday, 11 July 2010


Hobbes the Wonder Cat died today - Top Dinner Lady and her small purrrrrsons are gutted.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Gerbils ? What gerbils ?

The humans bought two gerbils the other day. I went into the room their cage was in and I heard them scratching. I put my ear back and got that puzzled expression on my face. I ignored it. My ears were back a lot though so in the end Top Dinner Lady sat me near the cage. SUDDENLY I got a very very very long neck and batted the cage a few times (no bars so they just ignored me). Must have thought I was a massive orange gerbil.

See now that was Saturday and now I have totally forgotten about it all, in fact I forgot on Sunday. Top Dinner Lady is pleased that I have the memory of a goldfish =^..^=

They put them in these large plastic balls earlier but still I just ignored them. Gerbils ? What gerbils ? There are no gerbils in MY house ! =^..^=

King Hobbes - Lord Orangina

Friday, 7 May 2010

Inside or out ?

I haz taken to coming in through my catflap, meowing a lot, walking a few paces, developing that "now why did I come in here?" look on my face and promptly taking my ginger pants right back outside again =^..^=

Top Dinner Lady is very bemused

I still can't remember why I came in

Or why I went out for that matter ....

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Volcanic Ash

I haz been outside looking for dis volcanic ash stuff but I couldn't find any in my garden so I came back in to find something to eat. Sardines methinks =^..^= anyway, one of my facebook friends thought I wanted to EAT the volcanic ash !?!?!? MOL MOL =^..^= I don't eat ash, I eat Whitefish, Sardines, Chicken, Lamb yum yum - I HATE Beef yuk yuk yuk

I haven't been very hungry today, which is most odd so I finks I will have 8 dinners tomorrow to make up for it .... maybe ... :)

I am currently on Top Dinner Lady's lap considering my options while I dictate this post ... do I eat some more or do I go to a Very Important Cat Meeting or do I have a snooze or do I stay put or do I go find one of my catnip-drenched toys ?

Decisions decisions ....

Thursday, 18 March 2010


I haz taken to looking rather scruffy lately and sitting right slap bang in the middle of a stair, always the best stair for tripping the humans up on =^..^=

I am also liking water loads and loads lately which worries Top Dinner Lady .... but I feelz GREAT ! I had roast chicken tonight so all is gooooood in Hobbes Land :)

Just off out to an important cat meeting now - it's about the fox living under our house ! It is also raining which I LOVE !

=^..^= mrowp !